Frequently Asked Questions

What is Functional Medicine?

While there are many aspects of functional medicine, at its core, it is an approach to healing that focuses its attention on the cause of disease, not the symptoms. Careful history, examination and thorough laboratory testing help us uncover dysfunctions. Functional medicine desires to understand how genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors combine to create the unique manifestations of a patients illness and then treatment programs are created to address each person’s unique bio-chemistry and goals.

What sets Equilyst’s approach apart from other approaches?

While conventional medicine runs many laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging studies, most of these tests are geared to only find pathology once it has reached an advanced state. In addition, the information is often only used to “name” or diagnose the patient’s condition, without much thought as to “why” the condition is there. Our treatment approach goes far beyond simply naming a condition and prescribing a drug. Instead, holistic programs of care that teach our patients how to eliminate physical, chemical and emotional stressors and regain control of their lifestyle are created.

How long does it take to get results?

One of the hallmarks of functional medicine is it’s emphasis on patient individuality. While two people may have the same symptoms, their underlying causes may be quite different. In addition, other factors in their history may either slow or speed up the healing process. The vast majority of our patients feel improvement within the first month of care but realize that it will often take months for complete resolution of the problem.

What is the best way to schedule an appointment?

The easiest way to schedule an appointment with us is to fill out our online form and our team will contact you to schedule your initial consultation.

Do I have to have lab tests done?

Occasionally a person will have recently been tested by another practitioner and we can use those test results as a basis for your health restoration program. That being said, most traditional medical tests are not designed to show subtle underlying functional problems. The lab tests that we routinely order are specifically designed to help us tailor a program to your individual needs and eliminate all “guess work” in your case.

Do I have to have all of the lab tests at once?

The specific number of lab tests that will be recommended is based on your unique health situation. Typically 1-3 tests will be suggested for you during your initial consultation. If you are unable to do all of the tests, we will help you prioritize which test would be most helpful to initiate your care.

How quickly are lab test results available?

The timeline for lab test reporting depends on the specific test and each lab but the majority of test results are sent to our office within 2-4 weeks.

Can I order my own tests directly through the laboratories or through my medical doctor?

The saliva, urine, stool and food allergy tests are ordered through very specific functional medicine labs that only deal directly with physicians. The serum/blood testing profiles are ordered through LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics and your medical physician may be able to order the same tests but they will require that you first set up an appointment with them and they may not want to order the same panel of tests that we need, thus delaying the start of your care significantly.

What labs do we use and why?

We have learned over the years that only certain labs maintain the accuracy and consistency required to provide information that we can trust. We have hand-picked several labs across the country that are the best at what they do. Saliva hormone testing is done through ZRT laboratories, Urine based testing is done through ZRT laboratories and Great Plains Laboratory, specialty digestive stool analysis is performed through Diagnostics Solutions GIMAP and food allergy panels are ordered through Cyrex Labs.

Does Equilyst Accept Insurance?

As an out-of-network provider, we currently do not accept health insurance. However, conventional blood lab tests are usually covered by insurance. Please note reimbursement rates will vary depending on policies, and other lab tests may not be covered under certain policies.

Since Equilyst does not personally handle insurance claims, lab technicians can provide superbills upon request to claim any out-of-network insurance reimbursements. To supply prescriptions, we use only the best compounding pharmacies.

Many of our services do qualify to be paid for through FSA and HSA plans and is a common alternative method of payment for our patients.

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