A More Natural Approach to Your
New Year’s Resolutions in 2022

Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022! A New Year calls for resolutions that you’ll actually stick to, and we’re here to help.

Deciding on the perfect resolution can be a difficult task. Many people let the fear of failure lead their decisions, concluding with unsuccessful resolutions. What if I can’t succeed? What if it’s not possible for me? What if people judge me? It’s too hard. Let’s leave those thoughts in 2021.

When committing to New Year’s resolutions, there’s immediate demand from the mind, body, and soul. Commitment, dedication, and self-motivation are required to achieve these goals. It may be hard, but we have a way to make it more attainable.

Use a more natural approach

Choose resolutions that will holistically change your life for the better; resolutions that will benefit your mind, body, and soul. Use natural supplements and treatments when possible to fix health problems and to get you living your best life. This approach will give you the self-motivation necessary to conquer your goals for years to come.

To help guide you through this process, we’ve created a list of 5 resolutions that, together, holistically benefit lives physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.


The road to balanced health and wellness is like any other journey—in order to reach your destination, you must first understand where you are. Take this year to be proactive with your health, starting by fully understanding your body in every aspect; from what foods make you feel sluggish or energized, to how balanced your hormones are.

We recommend talking to a professional to get to the root of any dysfunction and to understand the starting point of your wellness. At Equilyst, we will listen and acknowledge your symptoms, search for the root cause, and treat your whole body.

We also recommend Advanced Laboratory Diagnostic Testing which will tell you just how balanced or imbalanced your body may be. Mediator Release Testing is another great way to start your year – testing food sensitivity for elevated inflammatory responses.


Another simple resolution that naturally optimizes the mind, body, and soul is staying hydrated. Almost every major organ system in the human body depends on water. Water protects our tissues and organs, regulates body temperature, flushes out harmful toxins, and carries oxygen and nutrients to our cells. Water deficiency leads to many issues like constipation, fatigue, dizziness, muscle cramps, headaches, and much more. For this reason, make it a goal to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day, equivalent to about two liters or half a gallon.

Another great way to stay hydrated is getting Rehydration IV Therapy. IV therapy has a 100% absorption rate, delivering essential fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients to the bloodstream for quick hydration. You’ll experience all of its benefits almost immediately, preparing you for the day or week ahead.

3 – Be More Active

You can make minor changes in your daily routine to successfully achieve this resolution. Tweaks as small as standing at least once every hour, taking 10,000 steps a day, or getting a quick 30-minute workout in will help boost your mood, lower risks of diabetes and high blood pressure, and keep your body at optimal health.

We also recommend going to a professional to capture your unique body composition and measurements, so you have a good starting point to track your fitness progress throughout the year. At Equilyst, we use a Fit3D Body Scanner to discover the custom treatment plan you need for ultimate physical health. By assessing weight, balance, posture, footprint, and more, the Fit3D technology allows us to place you on the fast track to reaching your wellness goals at a higher rate than with any other assessment solution.

4 – Prioritize Self-Care

Self-care is health care. Take at least one day a week to prioritize yourself and what you need to feel rejuvenated. Many people typically use Sundays to relax, recover, and recoup for the week ahead. There are many natural ways to do this including:

IV Therapy
Oxygen Therapy
Chemical peels
Peptide therapy
Vitamin Injections
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

5 – Spend Time with Loved Ones

It’s important to save time during the day for social interaction. Spending time with loved ones is good for the soul and will help this holistic approach to living your highest quality of life. Socializing increases serotonin, which helps to improve your mood. It may sound cliche, but laughing, smiling, and loving are essential to happiness. This resolution is simple, but also one of the most crucial.

Because everybody is different and requires a personalized approach, feel free to modify this list to meet your needs OR come into Equilyst for a consultation. We get to the root of your dysfunction and help you get the most out of life.

You deserve to feel unstoppable in your own skin. Let us help you realize, execute, and accomplish your New Year’s resolutions. We want to help you love your life better in 2022.


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