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After 2020, I was depleted emotionally and physically. I knew my body was not responding the way it needs to. I made an appt at Equilyst Modern Medicine, and my experience has been outstanding. Blake is very articulate with his information and provides solutions. Since I’ve been under his care and hormonal therapy, I feel more energy, and I’m going after my goals. I’m thankful I can face this season of life with the proper care.

By Diana S.

I had the best experience with Blake. Since he has been helping me with all my hormone issues, I sleep a lot better. He’s so professional, honest, and a great person. I highly recommend this place.

By Alina Z.

Blake is an excellent care provider and has a wide range of knowledge in different symptom areas and cutting-edge treatment programs. He’s extremely proficient in his field and has great attention to detail and patient care. Would highly recommend him for those seeking advice regarding hormonal issues, general wellness, and overall lifestyle improvement.

By Tanner B.

I got the dermaplaning and facial service from Kayla, and my skin was glowing for days after. I left feeling great and gained some new information about how to properly take care of my skin.

By Lara A.

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