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The Process (EQiD)

The road to balanced health and wellness is like any other journey—in order to reach your destination, you must first understand where you are. At Equilyst, we assist you in navigating this journey by providing your EQiD based on determined lab values ordered upon your initial intake and visit with your provider. This is the starting point on your journey to better health. Once analyzed and reviewed at your follow-up visit, you will understand, in detail, just how balanced or imbalanced your body may be. There, we will begin addressing problem areas and educating you on the promising solutions available for correction and optimization of complete and total health. Your EQiD is the most valuable component of your wellness experience and may include a variety of studies specific to your needs or condition.


Our Wellness Offerings

Based on your needs after a wellness consultation



Mediator Release Testing is a food sensitivity test for elevated inflammatory responses for up to 170 food and beverage items. This is the most effective approach to combating food sensitivity related illnesses like IBS, migraines, and more. ⁠⁠Inflammation can cause many acute and chronic diseases, which is why this test is a significant preventative. Equilyst also provides each patient with a custom LEAP diet plan post-test, according to their results.

At Equilyst, we use only the latest technology to provide our clients with the best healthcare options available on the market today. In your initial consultation, we will use the Fit3D Body Scanner to capture your unique measurements, body composition, and wellness metrics in a quick 30-45 second total body assessment scan that will help our team discover the custom treatment plan you need for your ultimate healthcare journey. By assessing weight, balance, posture, footprint, and more, the Fit3D technology allows us to place you on the fast track to reaching your wellness goals at a higher rate than with any other assessment solution.


Hormone Replacement Therapy is used to regulate hormonal imbalances with naturally derived hormones for optimal wellness. Although Hormone Replacement Therapy is most generally known for its use in reducing or stopping the short-term changes associated with perimenopause in women, it is also proven to be beneficial in balancing testosterone levels in men. Our Hormone Replacement Therapy will leave you feeling rejuvenated, clear-headed, and will help get your body back to functioning properly.


Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss is the proactive management of your health and well-being. From your daily diet to your weekly fitness regimen, our team of physicians will work with you one-on-one to discover your unique health goals, needs, and restrictions to ensure you are living at your utmost potential in overall health. Our Medical Weight Loss program is not a diet but a plan of action that will keep you on track to achieving your health and weight-loss goals with the accountability and medical backing required for total life transformation.

Our Medical Weight Loss and Nutrition Program will help…
Weight Loss | Balance Hormones | Regulate Moods | Decrease Feelings of Depression | Better Sleep | Muscle Strength | Increased Energy



Peptide Therapy is the targeted use of peptides to produce a desired result in the body and is at the forefront of functional medicine because of the many benefits it provides. Though small, peptides play a big role in how you think, look, and feel, as they are responsible for all the ways your mind and body function. Research has shown that some peptides can promote the natural production of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is necessary for brain and organ tissue production, increased muscle mass, and metabolism health. Peptide Therapy will give you the same benefits you would receive with HGH Therapy by increasing hormone production and teaching your body to repair itself, without the hormonal side effects (and at a fraction of the price).

Try Peptide Therapy if you struggle with any of the following:
Inflammation | Anxiety or Stress | Unwanted or Excessive Hair Growth | Excessive Weight Gain | GERD | GI Issues | Difficulty Sleeping at Night | Decreased Muscle Strength



Through vitamin injections, we deliver high-quality, pure, and potent vitamins to enhance your health, skin, and mood. All injection concoctions come from our certified compounding pharmacy and are 100% pure and up to 600 times more potent than oral vitamins. They are a safe and effective way to reach optimal wellness in your health from the inside out.

Using water-soluble vitamins and a syringe, our highly trained licensed medical staff will gently inject a small number of vitamins into your gluteal muscle. This surge of vitamins then boosts the metabolic power of your body, thus increasing your body’s natural potential to further promote immune and nerve health, proteins, and the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. No pain is felt, and appointments are only 5-20 minutes long.

As soon as these compounds are metabolized, your body will begin to return to its normal levels, which is why we recommend weekly vitamin injections. We highly encourage that you go through a series of 6-10 shots to best optimize your vitamin levels.

The most common treatments assist in:
Promoting overall health | Increasing energy | Boosting metabolism | Assisting with weight loss | Improving liver health | Maximizing antioxidant effects | Enhancing mood | Lowering cholesterol | Controlling appetite | Decreasing brain fog | Bettering sleep habits


You deserve a satisfying and healthy sex life. So our sexual health expert has created a safe place for you to discuss your concerns and find solutions to various sexual dysfunctions. We can help with issues ranging from mild to severe, including low libido, sexual arousal disorder, erectile dysfunction, difficulty achieving orgasm, and painful sex.

Sexual dysfunction causes vary, as do our treatments. Your expert will work with you to identify your underlying problem(s) to create a customized treatment plan, which may include:
Hormone therapies
Lifestyle changes
Lubricants or arousal devices
Sex education
We will have you on the fast track to enhancing your sexual life’s meaning, connection, and pleasure.


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