What Are The Benefits
of Cryotherapy?

What Are The Benefits of Cryotherapy?

Equilyst uses state-of-the-art technology and treatments to assist our patients in complete wellness through healing plans that treat the root cause of pain or dysfunction. Cryotherapy has become a fan-favorite recovery treatment at Equilyst for those experiencing migraines, muscle pain, mood disorders, arthritis, or various skin conditions – and today, we’ll tell you why.

What is Cryotherapy?

Also known as “cold therapy,” cryotherapy can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling by immersing the body in extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. Cryotherapy exposes the body to subzero temperatures (the cryotherapy chamber can reach negative 200-300°F) in order to elicit a natural anti-inflammatory response to reduce bodily pain and release endorphins. This Japanese-inspired technique was originally developed to treat osteo and rheumatoid arthritis – but physicians quickly discovered that cryotherapy was behind numerous wellness benefits for the patients receiving treatment.


You can see and feel the benefits of cryotherapy in one visit, but we recommend regular use for the most effective and long-lasting results. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing cryotherapy:

1. Reduces migraine symptoms and muscle pain

When our body and muscles are exposed to extremely cold temperatures for even a few minutes, inflammation and swelling can be significantly reduced, causing muscle pain to decrease. Cooling and numbing the area around the neck is believed to help treat migraines and reduce symptoms by lowering inflammation in the intracranial blood vessels.

2. Helps Mood Disorders

The extremely cold temperatures in the cryotherapy chamber can cause adrenaline, endorphins, and noradrenaline to be released. Studies have found that cryotherapy can be an effective treatment option for mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

3. Arthritic Pain

Cryotherapy can have profound effects on those suffering from arthritis. While localized cryotherapy can be beneficial, it has been found that whole-body cryotherapy can significantly reduce arthritis pain. Rehabilitation programs such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy can be more effective when paired with a regular cryotherapy routine.

4. Treats various skin conditions

Atopic Dermatitis (AD) is a chronic skin condition that causes dry, itchy, and inflamed skin. Because cryotherapy reduces inflammation and can improve antioxidant levels, it’s a good option to help treat atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions.

What to Expect in Your Cryotherapy Session

When you arrive at Equilyst, you will be greeted by our team of wellness experts who will help you discover the best treatment plan, techniques, and services for you. You will step into our cryotherapy chamber, which will expose your whole body (neck down) or the desired treatment area to immense cold for up to 3 minutes, max.

First time user sessions are a maximum of 1.5 minutes. As soon as your body is exposed to the cold, your body will become charged with oxygen and anti-inflammatory proteins. An excess of white blood cells will be flushed out and your metabolic rate will be increased – giving you the pain-reducing benefits you want and need. After exiting the cryo-sauna, your body will work to warm itself back to equilibrium by sending oxygen-rich blood and endorphins back into your bloodstream. This can burn up to 800 calories in the few hours following your treatment.

If you’re interested in cryotherapy or another Equilyst wellness, recovery, or aesthetic treatment – don’t hesitate to contact us today. You shouldn’t have to live with pain. Let us help you discover the healing path that is right for you!

– Equilyst Modern Medicine


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